Whether you’re planning a Long Island winery or North Fork farm wedding, an intimate waterfront ceremony or a traditional wedding at one of our local churches, the flowers that you choose will set the stage for those perfect wedding memories. That’s why it is so important for me, as a floral designer, to work diligently on bringing to life the vision that you have for your wedding. To that end, there are a few things that you should consider as you begin your journey toward that special day.

I prefer to meet with a bride after she has selected a date, found the perfect dress, and secured a wedding venue.These key details help drive the process of creating designs that are inspired by you and your wedding day dreams.

Brides are often so excited about flowers that they are eager to meet with me before they’ve settled on a venue but, while we could talk flowers all day, it’s hard to be productive during our consultation without knowing when, where, and what you’ll be wearing.

It is the florist’s job to understand the couple’s personal style and create designs that will enhance their vision. I always suggest to my clients that they draw their inspiration from various sources, rather than focus on flowers alone.

For example, Pinterest is a great tool for collecting imagery that brides and grooms are drawn to, but when the focus is solely on floral imagery, it can diminish creativity.  I prefer to see your other Pinterest boards, such as the ones that relate to home décor, fashion, travel, hobbies, or even the kind of music you like!

As your floral design expert, I will make suggestions based on the things that you are drawn to, outside of the confines of your wedding.

It also helps to bring samples of invitations, photos of the attire, table linen swatches, and anything else that has been selected for the wedding. Talk to me about the overall feel you would like your wedding to have. Whether it’s formal, casual, romantic, or modern – I will translate your vision into flower designs that you’ll love.

Planning a wedding is something that most people do just once in their lives, so it is an entirely new experience. Let me help you through the details and provide you with ideas that will bring your dream wedding to life.

Don’t feel pressure from the details. Instead, take time every day to remember why it is you are going through all of this work to plan this important milestone.

You have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with… and that’s the most wonderful reason to celebrate.

Thanks for considering me for your North Fork wedding florist. Whether we end up working together or not, I wish you the sincerest of congratulations on your upcoming day.

- Joanna L. Rallis, Artisan Floral Desgn